Learning about aquaponics

Concerning aquaponics, whether you like it or not, in order to be successful, there will have to be some sort of learning curve.

With this movement towards healthy eating and healthy living that is growing, people are becoming more interested in everything to do with learning about aquaponics. This is understandable since the old adage “You are what you eat” is actually proving true. This is especially concerning the medical physical aspects of health, and including the psychological.

Anyone who wants to start something new has to start by learning something about it. Aquaponics although a simple process, actually requires quite a bit of learning, especially if commercial aquaponics is the goal.

Getting an education on aquaponics

Educating people who want to learn about aquaponics is very rewarding in the sense that it does good all around, nature, people, health economy, etc. It is the single most important step when planning a home aquaponics system, or commercial aquaponics farm. Learning does not stop when a single course is taken and completed. These just give one a basic education, and sometimes, a little hands-on experience. By far the most learning about aquaponics is accomplished by learning from others, sharing experiences, taking chances while experimenting, and immersing one’s self overall in learning about aquaponics.

Is some investment involved in aquaponics?

The real question is “Does this take time and effort, and maybe a little or a lot of money?”

Absolutely! Anything you want to be successful at takes time and effort. The more successful you want to become the more time, money, and effort “currency” is required.

Reading as much about the recent history of the subject gives one a good base to start from. The reason is that one can get to grips with the subject at its most basic level. After that, reading researching, and cross-checking information come next. The reason for this is to crystallize in one’s mind what exactly it is one needs to do and avoid doing. Finally, putting a plan of action together and a timeline that will help to get what is necessary done.

The next step in learning about aquaponics

Once all the previous steps have been taken care of, it is good practice to keep in touch with a mentor of sorts that can help when things are going awry as you are learning about aquaponics. Experienced people may give advice and help for free, or charge you. Such people have compiled years of research, data, experience, successes, and failures. Their advice and experience will save you loads of time, effort, money, and frustration. That is until you can be a mentor to a new generation of aquaponists. That will be when you too have been researching, developing, building, and operating backyard aquaponics systems or commercial aquaponics farms. It will also mean that you have successfully demonstrated that your aquaponics systems or farm as a means for sustainable food production and a profitable business.

The ongoing learning about the aquaponics process

Whether you like it or not, in order to be successful, there will have to be some sort of learning curve that will require these criteria. If the idea of aquaponics is just a passing desire, then it will not work for you. Like any endeavor, especially that of a business, it requires learning, advice, experience, time, effort, money, and maybe even a little frustration. But it is through the constant learning about aquaponics that you will have the best opportunity to succeed.

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